Washington State’s independent live music venues are the hub of our music ecosystem. Venues are vital cultural and economic drivers for local communities.

Live music venues provide thousands of jobs, drive tourism, stimulate spending to area businesses, and pump tax dollars into the state.

Music is the world’s universal language and connector, but we need places in which to gather and listen.

Washingtonians need live music venues, join us to Keep Music Live.

“I found my career in the audio industry 21 years ago.  I was trained in indie venues and went on to train and mentor many others. It took me years to hone my own talent. If we lose these venues, this talent will disappear as well.”

Kristin Powell
Audio Engineer

“I love my work – capturing memorable nights or performances and sharing them with the world. Without our independent venues, the community space where these moments occur will no longer exist.”

Caroline Anne
ArtPunk Photography

“The diversity that live music venues bring to a neighborhood, especially one like Capitol Hill, is integral to the economic success and the neighborhood vibe. Live music venues contribute to the structure of a vibrant healthy neighborhood!”

Miki Sodos
Owner and Operator | Café Pettirosso

“I don’t think a lot about the gold records on the wall, I think about the memories in small rooms.”

Sir Mix-A-Lot

“Our venue is only viable if other venues in the region survive so bands can have fully re-established tour potential. So, us all coming together is so vital right now.”

Karli Ingersoll
Owner | Lucky You Lounge

“It’s important to me that our youth experience music at a live venue, surrounded by community. We need to do all we can to preserve our independent venues so they exist for the next generation.”

Karen Davis Alcide
Mother & Community Member